Every one of the three sorts show up among the new books about the Internet: consider them the Never-Betters, the Better-Nevers, and the Ever-Wasers. The Never-Betters trust that we're on the precarious edge of another perfect world, where data will be free and majority rule, news will be produced using the base up, affection will rule, and treats will heat themselves.

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  The Better-Nevers believe that we would have been exceptional off if the entire thing had never occurred, that the world that is arriving at an end is better than the one that is having its spot, and that, at any rate, books and magazines make private space for brains in manners that twenty-second blasts of data don't.

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  The Ever-Wasers demand that at any minute in innovation something like this is going on, and that another method for sorting out information and interfacing clients is continually exciting to a few and chilling to other people—that something like this is going on is actually what makes it an advanced minute.

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  One's expectations rest with the Never-Betters; one's head with the Ever-Wasers; and one's heart? All things considered, twenty or so books in, one's heart will in general push toward the Better-Nevers, and afterward skip back toward somewhere that looks more like home.

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